LEMA - Practice radiology

Practice reporting, receive instant feedback and improve your medical image interpretation skills.


  • Report

    Report the findings in the image with our structured reporting tool.

  • Annotate

    Read x-ray images and annotate your findings.

  • Get feedback

    Submit your report to get instant feedback.

Why choose LEMA?

Dicom Image Viewer

The high-fidelity virtual training system emulates the interface of a workstations for interpreting and reviewing images to offer real-life experience.

Real-world Cases

We offer packages of cases from real-world, manually curated to ensure quality and variety of the content.

Training & assessment

Improve your image interpretation skills and test yourself to see when your skills sit.

Instant feedback

The AI algorithm interprets the user’s findings and report and provides instant feedback.

Learning Packages


A collection of curated cases of musculoskeletal x-ray images with a mix of fractures and normal images, separated body parts.


The chest module includes chest x-rays to test your skills on finding lung nodules.